Have you got time for a quick survey?

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Hello Everyone,

I’ve added a survey to my page in the right hand column. It’s only 10 questions for market research. If you have time, I would appreciate any/all feedback!

Thank you.


Jessi Koch


Fun By The River

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Hey There Everyone,

Another River Boat Days has come and gone, but we had fun at the Connecting Artists booth! On Saturday, I was parked out front in the sun while drawing a portrait of Elvis for the masses of visitors. I had never drawn for a crowd before and found it intensely enjoyable. At the reception for my upcoming show at Yankton’s G.A.R. Hall, I will also be drawing a portrait. The date for said reception is Friday, September 6th at 5:00-7:00pm. I hope to see you there!


Jessi Koch

It Never Hurts to Ask…

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Hello Everyone,

I have just signed up for a http://www.gofundme.com page. What this is is a website where people can go to raise funds for…well, just about anything! I have created a page asking for your help in achieving my goals and dreams of becoming a professional portrait artist.

I have the talent. I just don’t have the funds.

Please follow this link http://www.gofundme.com/jessikoch or the one on the right-hand side of both this site and my www.jessikoch.com site if you want to know more and possibly (hopefully) donate. You can even donate anonymously, if you wish. I just found this website, and thought that it never hurts to ask for help:)

Have a wonderful summer everyone! Remember to wear sunscreen.

Thank you for your time!

Very Best,


A New Studio Space!

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Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that I will be moving some things to a new studio space in order to better complete art pieces! As I am nearing my degree, I figured it was time to expand and escape my cramped little space in favor of something better…

Thanks to the people who are letting me temporarily use their empty garage space. I am so grateful. I promise not to leave a paint mess in the sink!




Recent Work

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Saraceni Finishedit
Hello Guys,
Here is an artwork that I made for a coworker’s family. They compiled images that represented their family and had the design all mapped out. All I had to do was bring their vision to life.
I haven’t created any new art besides that, due to massive research papers this semester. However, my mom and I went to the Connecting Artists meeting tonight in Yankton, SD where we all played with ZENtangles. It is intense doodling art movement. You just add shapes and shading until the page is full. It reminds me of the garments found in Klimt paintings. We had a great time with all the local artists and my mom even drew a cool ZENtangle! She didn’t think she could, but she is more creative than she expected…
Thank you for visiting my page and feel free to hit up LilyCrest Cottage in downtown Yankton, SD to view some of my nudes and comic work up close and personal!
Jessi Koch

Price List For Student Art Show

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Hello Everyone,

   I have come up with a price list for my art that was showing in Hartington’s Arlo & Anne Wirth Art Gallery. Prices are negotiable. As I said in the previous post, I will include the frame (with/without glass) for an additional charge.

Fancy Collar Lady                                       SOLD

 Castle                                                                  $50.00

Bad Report                                                       $100.00

S.S.D.D.                                                                SOLD

Assignment 2.1B                                          $100.00

3 Hour Head Study                                     $150.00

Chad’s Portrait                                              SOLD

Shape Study (Chief)                                   $200.00

Composition of Shapes                           $75.00

 Analysis of Form: Final Project       $200.00

Spheres                                                               $50.00

Head Study 2                                                   $100.00

Foreshortening From Below               $75.00

Skull Study                                                       $150.00

Lip Study                                                           $100.00

Directing Focus                                            $200.00

Paint Tubes                                                     $250.00

Yellow Lilies                                                   SOLD

Fruit & A Gun                                                 $300.00

Copper Pot                                                       $200.00

Take My Sugar to Tea                              $300.00

Sushi Mandala                                              SOLD

Escorche                                                           $250.00

Self Portrait                                                     SOLD

Shape People                                                  SOLD


Thank you for your interest!



Regarding Sales for my Show in Hartington…

•August 13, 2012 • 2 Comments

Hello Everyone,

I have had enough people wondering if my art at the Hartington show is for sale that I have decided to rescind my statement in a previous post. Yes, I can part with my art! I will post a price list for all the art I have in Hartington’s gallery within the next few days, here on my website. Buyers may purchase the art alone or with the metal frame from the show (I will add glass to the frame for an additional charge). Allow me to make some prints before the sale is final, and we’re set! Thank you for all your interest, and please keep me in mind for any portraiture needs.


Jessi Koch