Hello, my name is Jessica Koch, but you can call me “Jessi”. I live in rural South Dakota with my husband, Chad. Professional artistry has been a goal of mine ever since I was three-years-old. I can remember my first drawing of a lady owl wearing a bonnet that I drew from a storybook at my Gram’s house (I wish I still had that doodle!). From then on, I was hooked on illustration.

        Cartoons, comics, and humor in general are a passion of mine, but I also have an intense love for weird. I enjoy novelty music, history, random trivia, and oddities of science. As a child, I read old MAD Magazines so intently at family gatherings that I often missed the festivities.  Reading comics contributed to my earlier cartoon-ish style, but I’ve honed my realistic drawing skills at the Academy of Art University where I’ve been a student since 2008.

Having both the abilities to exaggerate life and reproduce it makes me a positive feature to the illustration community. AAU has been a wonderful experience, and I try to get the most out of classes there in order to provide my clients with quality artwork.

I love to make things for people and look forward to working with you!


      “Thanks so much for creating the logo for our animal rescue site. You do a wonderful job with your artwork. I am so excited to put it out into print. We were able to stay in contact through the entire process and that just made it more exciting. You’re a doll.”

-Barb S.-



Saraceni Finishedit

“Thank you so much. It looks really good.”



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