Price List For Student Art Show

Hello Everyone,

   I have come up with a price list for my art that was showing in Hartington’s Arlo & Anne Wirth Art Gallery. Prices are negotiable. As I said in the previous post, I will include the frame (with/without glass) for an additional charge.

Fancy Collar Lady                                       SOLD

 Castle                                                                  $50.00

Bad Report                                                       $100.00

S.S.D.D.                                                                SOLD

Assignment 2.1B                                          $100.00

3 Hour Head Study                                     $150.00

Chad’s Portrait                                              SOLD

Shape Study (Chief)                                   $200.00

Composition of Shapes                           $75.00

 Analysis of Form: Final Project       $200.00

Spheres                                                               $50.00

Head Study 2                                                   $100.00

Foreshortening From Below               $75.00

Skull Study                                                       $150.00

Lip Study                                                           $100.00

Directing Focus                                            $200.00

Paint Tubes                                                     $250.00

Yellow Lilies                                                   SOLD

Fruit & A Gun                                                 $300.00

Copper Pot                                                       $200.00

Take My Sugar to Tea                              $300.00

Sushi Mandala                                              SOLD

Escorche                                                           $250.00

Self Portrait                                                     SOLD

Shape People                                                  SOLD


Thank you for your interest!




~ by JessiKoch on August 27, 2012.

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