Streamlining and Shows

Hello Out There,

Even though school is done for the summer, I’m still busy! As some of you know, I am having my first art show in Hartington Public Library’s Arlo & Anne Wirth Art Gallery from July though August. I’m excited, but I still have a lot to do before that day comes. I will be showing some of my student artwork in Hartington so people can see what I’ve been up to these past few years that I’ve been attending online classes at the Academy of Art University (AAU). Since there will be a lot of children at the library this summer, they asked me not to include any nude figure drawings so I thought I would focus more on the fundamentals of what I’ve learned about drawing. At AAU, they start you out from scratch. You draw the four basic shapes (cube, sphere, cone, cylinder) and learn to incorporate them into the beginning stages ( “blocking” ) of your drawings. In fact, I wrote a paper in my Composition class on the process of drawing that I will include in my show. I often hear people claim that they “couldn’t even draw a stick man”. As my husband says, “That’s bunk!” I believe that if one knows the process of a task, one can complete said task.

After my show is hung, I have a few things to do for clients…a family crest….a quick floral painting…some portraits…Then I’ll decide if I should research more on small business or do a personal project before classes start again. Perhaps both…Once all my current business cards are gone, I also plan on re-vamping my website. I will be going from to as close to “” as I can get. This will just make it easier for all you art directors out there to find me.

I hope you make the trip to Hartington, NE to find the gallery at 106 S. Broadway from July through August, for my show. Visit anytime after that for other talented local artists! Also, I will be showing my figure drawings and some off-the-wall comic stories at the LilyCrest Cottage’s Above Ground Gallery later this year. Thank you.




~ by JessiKoch on June 12, 2012.

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