Current Work

What is happening, all?

While I have been working on some new things, I have nothing that I feel is “upallnightbrand caliber”. The work I’ve done lately has been for T-shirt design competitions online. Since the submission contests lean toward wacky or silly subjects, I will most likely post that work on a different portfolio site (I will post a link to that site when I build one).

 I’ve decided that upallnightbrand will consist of realistic art. Eventually, I will replace most of the items in my “Landscapes & Perspectives Gallery” with more masterful pieces.  The work that I display in that gallery, at this time, is too cartoon-ish for what I want this site’s style to suggest. My research shows that one should have separate sites for separate styles. And so it goes…

Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy those last few weeks of summer!



~ by JessiKoch on August 23, 2011.

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